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Powerful Media Library
Image Compression
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Media Lazy Loading
Image Watermark
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Powerful Media Library WPFiles
Media Library
Powerful and Fast Media Library
Let’s face it: WordPress default media library is not easy to maintain. It doesn’t make sense to take thousands of images and store them in one folder – you end up with thousands of files, some of which are duplicates! WPFiles is going to ease up your life by helping you organize your media library.
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Image Compression
Automatically compress images
WPFiles allows you to automatically compress your images before you upload them. This reduces their size, which means that your website will perform better and load faster.
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Automatically Compress Images WPFiles
Lightning Fast CDN
Increase website speed, serve images via CDN
Even if you have the best web hosting in the world, your site will still be slowed down because of inefficient images. WPFiles allows you to compress images on the fly and serve from a global network of servers geographically located near your website visitors. This means that people viewing your site will see higher optimized images and faster load times.
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Auto Watermark
Automatically watermark images
WPFiles also allows you to automatically watermark all your images with a unique logo or text. Set up the watermark size, position, and strength. Preview your custom watermark before applying it to all the images and files in Media Library.
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Automatically Watermark Images WPFiles
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Join thousands of professionals who uses WPFiles to upgrade their Media Library and speed up their websites.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have a question about WPFiles? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us
Who should use WPFiles?
WPFiles is perfect for freelancers, agencies, business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers, and basically everyone else. If you want to organize your WordPress Media Library, Compress images, apply watermark on images and speed up your website by serving images directly form a fast and powerful CDN network then you need to use WPFiles — WPFiles has a lot to offer.
Do I need coding skills to use WPFiles?
WPFiles is built with beginners in mind. Anyone without any coding background can easily use WPFiles for every needs. It's all plug and play.
Will WPFiles affect the speed of my website?
WPFiles will drastically improve your website speed if you use WPFiles image compression module to decrease size of images with almost near to zero loss in quality and WPFiles CDN to server images directly to your visitors from our CDN network of servers in over 100+ location.
How can I use WPFiles on client sites?
Your clients will love WPFiles if you use it on their website. You can purchase an Agency plan to serve as many websites as you want. To mention some benefits for clients:
  • Unclutter your WordPress Media Library
  • Use WPFiles CDN to skyrocket website speed by serving content from a fast network of servers in 100+ location.
  • Use WPFiles CDN to compress images on the fly and auto convert to WebP
  • Use WPFiles images compression module to compress images locally to increase speed and decrease storage.
  • Use WPFiles images watermark module to watermark images.
  • and many more....
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